Energy Model Optimization

We work with your energy modellers to optimize your building’s system selection options by evaluating various building envelope configurations, mechanical, and electrical systems. The resulting output provides value metrics that allow you to select the best system components by weighing the system’s installation costs vs. operational and maintenance costs so that you can determine the best life cycle configuration to meet your needs.


Design Assist

Regardless of where your project is at, our knowledge team can integrate directly with you and your engineering team to provide critical implementation strategies that will save time on designs and installation.


Design Build

With our in house design team and valued project partners, we can bring an integrated project delivery that meets your building’s needs and demands.

Our 4-Step Process

1. Awareness / Needs Assessment

Determine all the variables of your project (known and unknown) and determine what your project’s outcomes are (low upfront costs or low operational costs). Once we understand your key objectives, we will evaluate and provide you with a unique solution that will ensure all objectives are met throughout the design, construction, and operational phase of your project.

2. System+Process Optimization+Design

We live what we design. Our team’s experience in developing circular processes, integrated systems, and efficient buildings is not just seen in our past projects, but in the way we execute all phases of a project. This stage will ensure that all the key objectives identified in the awareness stage are designed with a high level of accuracy. Whether your goal is a performance building, optimized budgeting, reduced operational costs, increased lifespan, improved process, timelines, or any combination; our design and construction team will work with all project partners at an integrated level.

3. Construction / Execution

Our focus is not just on design, but also the execution of the project. Our core focus is on high-performance buildings and because of this, our entire team performs at higher standards. Using our integrated project delivery approach, we ensure that our execution is as efficient as our design to ensure timely and on-budget construction.

4. Commissioning / Measurement / Validation

Commissioning starts at the design stage and our team measures their performance as well as the performance of the systems we install to ensure that everything is performing as modelled at all project stages. Our commissioning process includes strategically placed IoT + Sensors that will allow us to monitor and validate the energy modelling and adjust occupant loads accordingly.

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